Sunday, September 2, 2012

The New Girl

"Who's the new girl?"

Recently, you may have noticed a new face amongst the musicians at PCC. She sang and played at Westchester last week to set up John Tiller's message. She sang as part of the vocal team today at the Powhatan campus.

Let me introduce you to Laura Krzyston. Laura is our new - and PCC's first - Artist In Residence.

Laura holds a music degree from VCU. She teaches privately (voice, piano and guitar ), is an accomplished songwriter and is passionate about serving God with her gifts. Laura partnered with Eli Tiller to write and record his recent EP. She has spent several summers leading worship at area camps.

I worked with Laura at PCC's Blue Christmas last year, and found myself impressed with her skill. But I was most taken with her attitude. She is humble, gentle, kind and committed to her faith. She loves Jesus. She is authentic.

Laura's role as Artist In Residence will, as the title suggests, allow her to "reside" as part of our community while pursuing her art. You will see her on the stage as a worship leader from time to time, but you'll also hear from her as part of our creative team. Recently, Laura was part of a brainstorming session. We walked away with a plan for the next series; Laura walked away with two new songs she wrote while we worked.

We will build into Laura's life with coaching, mentoring and support of her craft. She will be a part of our community, building relationships and expressing what she experiences through her writing and musical expression.

Welcome her. Get to know her. Ask her to share some of her songs wtih you.

And rejoice with me in the way God works things together. It's way cool.

Read Laura's blog here. See her lead in worship with us here (that's her, leading the second verse of "How Great Thou Art"). And check out the music she recorded with Eli.


Unknown said...
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jf said...

Wow!!!! What a voice!!! PCC is many times blessed. Welcome Laura.