Friday, January 1, 2016

Happy 2016

So, I'm ringing in 2016 in the unfortunate manner in which I faced too many nights in 2015: sleepless.

Sleepless in Cleveland.

I also started a sentence - in fact, this entire piece - with "So", a lazy use of a conjunction that drives me crazy when it is placed at the beginning of a statement. Interview subjects on NPR do this all the time.

The new year is not looking good thus far - three hours in. The weather is ridiculous - there's no snow, and everything seems out of whack. I can't sleep. We have a long drive home tomorrow and I'll be fairly worthless.

/ / /

On second thought, things really aren't all that bad.

  • I know why I can't sleep - it was that cup of coffee with dessert after our New Year's Eve dinner. 

  • I'm not asleep, but my husband is, and he'll be able to do most of the driving.

  • We have family - scattered all over the place, but safe - and we love one another.

  • The year looks to be one of transition and growth.As of right now, no one is getting married in our back yard this summer, so that's a big plus. 

And finally, I'm in a good place - better than I've been in years - in regards to the space I am occupying these days; my vocation, my spiritual life, my attitude, and an overall sense of being content. There are quite a few unknowns ahead, but there is a settledness in me that is welcome and new.

So....tomorrow might be a wash, but I'll be with the man that makes me the happiest. I'll be home by the end of the day, with the kids I adore. And we'll hit the ground running to make 2016 all the best it can be.

That's a pretty good place to start.

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annie said...

The days that "might be a wash" will always be with us. You do your best to make sure there aren't too many of them. I liked hearing about your settledness. Have a great new year, Beth!