Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Come and Play

Sydni had a great opportunity last Sunday. Along with several hundred other Richmond area music students and amateur musicians, she participated in a 'Come and Play' event with the Richmond Symphony. They spent 3 hours in rehearsal, followed by a performance for the public at the VCU Siegel Center.

The boys and I drove down to see the concert, and I'm so glad that we all had an opportunity to experience this event! Syd was exhausted, and her feet hurt, but she was able to make beautiful music under the baton of the associate conductor of the symphony, an energetic and exciting young woman named Erin Freeman. They played Christmas music along with a few classic orchestral pieces, and it was awesome! I'm so excited to see my kids participating in things like this - whether playing like Syd did, or just watching and listening, like the boys. I know it's giving them a taste of the world outside the narrow confines of public school and our regular routine.

She's in there, on the back right, holding her trombone in that mass of humanity.

David was worn out, after a long day of church (including his own performance in the kids' Christmas play that morning) and some heavy duty eight-year old outdoor activity in the beautiful weather. He crashed on my lap towards the end.

Syd and one of her best friends, Eve, after the performance.

David woke up, obviously. Here the boys were enjoying the urban vibe of downtown Richmond. Daniel's getting so tall!
Note the kid dragging his cello down the street.


Jayne said...

What a great event! How wonderful that Syd got to be a part of something so very special. :c)

Mary said...

Ahhh. Brings back memories of the Christmas concerts and watching Gina in the chorus, the jazz bands, the orchestras, all of which put a knot in my throat.

Those were GREAT kids.

annie said...

What a fun thing for all of you to enjoy!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the kind words and what a wonderful event to share. I especially love the invitation to "come out and play" - what we should all be doing.

my15minutes said...

Hey Beth. You left an explanation on my blog about linking. I can't find the button you're talking about when I'm composing my post. The only buttons I have are one that says ABC, one of a photo (for downloading photos), and one that says "Add enclosure link" (which I've tried, but I don't understand what it does). I don't have a chain! But you're on blogger too, so I don't get why I don't have the same buttons. Any ideas? I'm so frustrated about it! :-P