Saturday, March 15, 2008


Taking a cue from Patti, I'm just going to make a list tonight, in lieu of a proper post:

1. Even though I am on immunotherapy with my MCV allergist, pollen season has started and I am dying. Sneezing. Itchy eyes. Fatigue and muscle pain. Foggy brain. I'm a mess, just like I am every spring. Except this year, I'm also angry, because I'm paying big $$ for my "sublingual therapy" and I'm not getting the results I expected. Achoo.

2. Today we had two soccer games, one sleepover pick-up (in another county), one drum-line competition, one afternoon work schedule, massive house-cleaning, a surprise party for a 14-year old friend and the Metro Richmond Science Fair. Oh, yeah - SYD WON THIRD PLACE IN THE CHEMISTRY DIVISION OF THE METRO RICHMOND SCIENCE FAIR. Rock on, girl!

3. Tomorrow is the McFormal at FOCUS, our church's Sunday night student ministry program. It's a tacky prom with McDonald's food and 80's music. Expect pictures.

4. Easter is next week. Unlike Christmas, I love planning music for Easter - it's a Sunday service, but one that ROCKS. All of everything we believe rests on Easter Sunday. I'm excited!

5. We don't do much for Holy Week, as opposed to many of my ministry friends who are about to jump into Palm Sunday - Maundy Thursday - Good Friday - Resurrection Sunday schedules this week. I think in the future, when we have our own building, we'll do more - but at this point, we just focus on Sunday.

6. David spent a lot of time in his room today. He went in to clean; he said, "Mom - can you help me organize?" We got started on a few things. He cleared out some junk. I went back downstairs and heard some clanking and clattering. I looked out the window and saw things flying. He was experimenting with his cars. And his legos.

7. Spring is here.

8. Walmart is a very bad place on a Saturday afternoon.

9. The surprise party is in full swing. I hear screaming downstairs. Fourteen-year-old-girl screaming.

10. Gotta go.

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annie said...

Ahh, another blessed day!!

Well, maybe, except for the allergies and the trip to WalMart!

Into every life, a little rain must fall...sigh...