Monday, August 18, 2008

Peeping Toms

I'm not too into blog numbers; I know of other bloggers who are way past their millionth hit. I really don't care too much about the numbers....

However, I'm fascinated by who is actually lurking around. I do look at Sitemeter once every week or so, out of curiosity.

Lately, there's an uptick in Richmond/Powhatan/Midlothian folks, probably because I'm writing more on the church blog and telling a few more people about this blog. Plus, lots of my friends in the area are blogging now, and our reading circles are broadening. I do recognize some towns and know EXACTLY who they represent - hello, Ringgold Georgia!!! Howdy, Newark, Ohio!!! I know who you are!!!

But I see other locations that are more mysterious - towns where I know some people, but I'm not exactly who might be lurking around my blog. Several hits from our old hometown come in on a daily basis, but I'm not really sure who it is. I'm dying to know who keeps checking in from Harrisonburg.

It's a little creepy. It's hard not to wonder.

Yesterday I talked to somebody who said, "I've been stalking you on your blog." She is actually a very nice individual - it doesn't bother me a bit that she's been reading - but it's a bit weird, to know that people are peeking in my windows on a regular basis.

But there you go. It's life in this era, I guess. And the choice I make each time I hit the "publish" button.

So, hello to those of you who are lurking about.


Hope you have a great day!

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Fred F. McKinnon said...

I got an email just this weekend from someone who reads all the time on my blog and lurks, but has never left a comment. I didn't even know they visited my blog!

For the Kingdom,
Fred McKinnon

annie said...

Hey! I always at least try to say hello when I peek in!

Anonymous said...

Ok, Beth was I the one that said that? If so, I'm sorry to be a Stalker McStalkerson. I do appreciate a Beth Brawley blog though, I'm not gonna lie. I'll keep the stalking/lurking to a minimum.

If I was the one that said that, that's totally hilarious. Sometimes, my mouth needs a censor. haha

Mary Elizabeth Dickerson

Kelley said...

Sometimes you make me giggle.....

Jayne said...

I also have Sitemeter and I occasionally check it to see how people find me, though I chose not to publish numbers. I also find it fascinating to see who is coming by and where they are from. If I saw that someone from here was coming regularly, my curiosity would be piqued as well Beth! :c)

Anonymous said...

oh I admit I am definately a "lurker". It is addictive to read your incredibly talented posts... and some days I just need the inspiration and reminder of all things good.. Like Kelley, I think I would love to "be a Brawley" for the day!

Paul J. said...

Who do you know in Ringgold?

Bill said...

I tried once to find out who was lurking about my blog sisce I get about 30+ hits a day (not that I'm counting!) It was to little avail (at least you're getting few confessions!) I just figure it's the same addicts 5 times a day! : }

cardsender said...

Ha! I found you! I didn't think I could do it being that I am still so in the 60's with this new technology stuff. . . I was a lurker for a few minutes til I decided to post a comment to let you know I was here. Like your blog. One day when I put the brakes on this fast paced thing called "life" I may be able to set up a blog too. Great talking with you today.

Lisa T (formerly O) said...

Hey Beth! I just found your blog and will henceforth be cyberstalking you. What an interesting turn of events, no? :) No, I have no blog so you might return the stalk at this time. I think there's been enough of that already on my end.

I think of you often and love you tons always.

Jenni Catron said...

Hi Beth, I actually just found your blog tonight, so I haven't really been lurking, but do look forward to keeping up with you!

KGMom said...

I know what you mean about wondering who is looking at your blog.
I wrote about this, a bit ago, because I had people all over the world looking at my blog, and a very specific page. They were looking at something I wrote called "The Mouth of the Lion". So, I got a bit freaked--why that page.
I have not had the experience you have of someone possibly who knows you "lurking."