Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Giants, They Fall

Giants do die
The bigger they are, the harder they fall

Last year, my kids turned me on to radio station 104.7 here in Richmond. I love turning it on and finding new (to me) songs that have some powerful messages.

Giants, they die
Just walk around your Jericho wall

I get stuck sometimes, caught listening to the same music, reading the same blogs, talking to the same people - forgetting that the world we live in is populated with vastly different people and ideas and styles of communication.

Now we come in Your name
And we stand on Your word
What is loosed in the heavens
Will be loosed on earth
Let God arise - giant, die!

And my life sometimes reflects just that - a boring regurgitation of what's familiar to me. Sometimes I catch it in my daily routine - other times, when I'm doing things that are more "spiritual".

Your praise will bring down strong holds
When you pray, you will see miracles
Just pray when things seem impossible
And the King of Glory will show His glory

So, yesterday I spent some time with a friend. She's facing some challenging circumstances in this season of life. We talked about practical matters, about future plans, about spiritual growth, about our passion for our friendship. Her attitude is great - she is ever the optimist, looking forward and upward, always able to see the positive, trusting that God is going to meet every need. She is inspirational in her ability to hold on to hope and to persevere.

But she's got some tough stuff going on.

So we talked, and I listened, and I prayed for her, and I continued to pray for her after we parted company.

When you praise/when you praise
When you praise they gotta come down
When you worship/when you worship
When you worship they gotta come down
When you shout/ just shout
When you shout they gotta come down

And this morning, on the way to my early breakfast meeting, this song that I heard yesterday on 104.7 came back into my head. Over and over and over. Odd, because I only heard it once - fleetingly - and yet it was firmly implanted in my brain.

And God reminded me that my perspective is oh so limited sometimes. Too many times. I get stuck in my way of prayer and care and concern and my outlook and I miss something awesome.

So, friend - can I have a do-over? (Yeah - ANOTHER one!) Can I just say this to you?

"Giants do die - the bigger they are, the harder they fall!"

That's for my friend - and for all of us. Whatever you are facing, no matter the challenge before you, our faith informs us of this: God works. And this song reminds me - when we worship, when we praise, when we shout - when we let God arise, those giants - no matter what they are - they gotta come down.

What are you facing today? Illness? Fear? Financial challenges? Frustration? Whatever your giant is - keep this in mind.

They gotta come down.

For my friend, and for anybody else who needs it.

Embedding is disabled, but do yourself a big favor and click over here to get a shot of inspiration.

(And just for the record, I'm watching this over and over and over and over at the office, driving my coworkers nuts, but I'm having a dancing good time.....)


Kelley said...

crying. here. now. at school. can't say anything but repeat what I said yesterday, "Beth Brawley, God uses you over and over and over again, every day. It is a privilege to call you friend and to walk beside...serve beside... such a woman of God." Your words mean everything....


Anonymous said...

Hornsby....great words of hope and faith! the thing I love about the choir that is singing is that they believe what they are singing about and it is eveident!

The thing I love about you is that when you are speaking about the Lord...you believe what you are saying and it's obvious not just by your words but by your actions!

It's exciting to see how God is using you to minister to so many people on so many levels.....you are truly a community builder and I'm glad that I get to be part of that community with you!

kristin said...

what a timely, important, amazing, profound, merciful and wonderful reminder! thank you, beth! thank you! :-)

Ktea said...

no, i don't need to be paid for this stuff. (not at this point, at least. maybe if you want to hire me when i graduate, however...)

and i know it's about a relationship with God, and not necessarily just 'paying your dues'... so i want to use the gifts he's given me to help PCC :) to give back to you guys, for all you've given to me. :)