Sunday, April 18, 2010

I'm Not Sure What Comes Next

Our friend Tony, who is part of the core group of folks who are invested in the Westchester campus of PCC, is out of town.

It's not a business trip per se; it's about something that has captured his heart. He goes to Moldova several times a year to try to help children who have grown up in orphanages. You can read more about Tony's work in Moldova here.

Interestingly enough, Moldova is making headlines in other areas, for other reasons. Anne Jackson is an insightful author (Mad Church Disease, which I highly recommend) and blogger who recently returned from a trip to Russia and Moldova.

She is deftly sharing what she learned on this trip. I read her words, and look at Tony's pictures and prayer requests, and I cannot help but think that God wants us - well, let me speak for myself. God wants me to know and really see that the world is very large, indeed; that the needs are very large, indeed; and that to continue to sit back and do nothing is no longer an option.

Read Anne's post about witnessing the trafficking of girls in the equivalent of a local Panera.

I don't even know what to say, except that the privilege of living a life of safety and security, numbed by American culture, seems to be somehow tainted. God wants me to see this. He's dovetailing information about a foreign country in a way that I can't ignore. He's all up in my face.

I'm not sure what comes next.


Tony Tomandl said...

You ask a great question. What comes next? Being open to the answer will surely challenge you and responding to it will surely change you.


Jackie said...

I think that it means you are going with me on my next mission trip!