Monday, July 12, 2010

You Make Beautiful Things Out Of Us

Several folks asked about the closing song for yesterday's PCC services. At Westchester, Lindsay sang; at Powhatan, Elijah and Travis did it.

It's from one of the most powerful albums I've listened to in several years. In it's entirety, Beautiful Things by The Michael Gungor Band is an incredible journey through humanity, our desperate love for God and his brilliant grace.

The title tune alone is masterful. You may have experienced it yesterday in one of our services. If not, catch a glimpse here of the artists' unique spin on an acoustic version.

And then try to get hold of the cd and experience the entire thing.

And thank God for moments of transcendental beauty.


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Patty P said...

So I'm feeling numb and empty, then on a whim I get this random thought, "Surf some blogs, that'll cure your boredom"

Then bam! I get smacked with this simple truth. God makes beautiful things out of us. Bringing me to tears with the realization that I'm not alone even when I feel like it.

Excellent post. Excellent post. Excellent God.