Saturday, January 22, 2011

Friday Night Lights

Friday night bullet points:
  • It was a good week in terms of discipline, at least regarding fitness. In my gleeful discovery of our OnDemand capabilities, I became good buddies with Jillian Michaels. Four times this week she has said these beautiful words to my sweat-stained face: "You are well on your way to being shredded."
  • We're back on track at work. Not sure about all ways we've not been on track - or at least me - but something has clicked back into place and it sure feels good.
  • I hate cancer. This week, I got to see cancer up close and personal. Have you ever seen a cancerous tumor outside of a body? I have. Yuck. I hate cancer. But I love the person it's clinging to. Hoping it is radiated away in the very. near. future.
  • My girl Syd is overwhelmed. That girl has a lot on her plate. 
  • Christian Bale lost 63 pounds for The Machinist. He looks awful. And that's one freaky movie.
  • I love my Common Prayer book.
  • I have a Peter Kreeft book and a brand new Ann Voskamp book in my clutches. Can't wait to dig into each one.
  • We had ice cream night tonight; cracked open all four jars of Mitchell's toppings, direct from Cleveland, and piled them on bowls of vanilla goodness. There's nothing quite like Mitchell's ice cream, but their chocolate and caramel run a close second. Yum. Fun.
  • Favorite new song follows; one of several. Feeling very open to new songs, new ideas and lots of creative stuff.
  • I love my kids. I am so impressed with the people they are becoming. Nobody says much about this gift that waits at the end of the growing up. They are extremely cool individuals.


Brandee Shafer said...

I wanna do a small group on the Ann Voscamp. After the Leslie Parrott.

Anonymous said...

Heard this song a few months ago . . .adore!

Africakid said...

"Nobody says much about this gift that waits at the end of the growing up."
I agree. It's so much fun to have grown-up kids! And I'm also enjoying my new daughter-in-law.