Sunday, May 8, 2011

Resting In Grace: Mother's Day 2011

What a day. Church was terrific this weekend. I always enjoy our weekend gatherings; good things happen when the church gathers. This weekend was extraordinary, as it saw the return of two of my favorite musicians. Sandy Moore, home from Delaware for the weekend, and Kevin Salyer, leading worship again thanks to a freer schedule and a new season in life.

We've been friends for many years. We know each other well. Making music with people you care for, you trust and you know is a unique experience. Personally, we gave all of ourselves as musicians and worshiper leaders today. In emptying, we are filled. I came home feeling full. And grateful.

And it's Mother's Day, of course. The blessings of this day were many. A son who grew in stature as he owned responsibility and managed a difficult conversation. A daughter who prepares an entire meal with ease - a delicious meal. Another daughter who manages the shopping and the prep work. Another who can clean and organize and did so with joy. A son who knows the value of Godiva chocolate.

I came by motherhood almost by accident, it seems. I never thought much about having children. I assumed I would one day, but I never planned it. But after marriage, it seemed that one of the things we were really good at was making babies. In hindsight, I'm not sure how I ever managed when they were younger. But here we are today, and they are simply amazing people. I look back at the woman I was before becoming pregnant with Sarah, and I see how the entire course of my life changed with her birth. Motherhood was the one thing that stopped me in my tracks. My tendencies towards selfishness and self-absorption were tempered by the needs of my babies. I thank God that he used such a beautiful gift for my good.

Becoming a mother changed my life for better, for always. I am ever grateful. Today is a day of gratitude for me. After a loud and energetic dinner conversation  and a slow winding-down of the day, I am resting in the goodness of God and family and grace.

Every day.

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