Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Macaroni And Cheese And Chocolate, Oh My

We had a great time tonight at the middle school band orientation. We rent instruments at the store and we have everything the new musician needs. Come see us for all your band needs!

End of commercial.

In other news, we came home to discover ANOTHER exceptionally delicious meal prepared by Sarah. London broil, perfectly prepared (though she said she didn't know how to cook it and had never done a London broil); HOMEMADE macaroni and cheese (we moaned in something just short of utter ecstasy); some sort of potato/mushroom/red pepper/yellow pepper/spinach roast thing. She had left the house for a quick run to the mall and kindly left this feast out for us.

I ate, and lo, it was very good.

So I grabbed a carton of ice cream for just a taste of dessert. I had a few spoonfuls down when she walked in the door and declared, "MOM. STOP EATING THAT RIGHT NOW."

Yes, I do need to lose a few pounds. But I had a great workout today....a little ice cream wouldn't hurt...why was she YELLING?


Let me just say this: I have a daughter who not only cooks incredible food but ALSO goes to The Cheesecake Factory and brings her mom half a piece of the most decadent chocolate cheesecake ever.

You want to marry her. Admit it.

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Anonymous said...

I'd take her in a heartbeat, but people might look at us weird...probably because of the age difference, & a few other things!
Jeannie Pino