Thursday, January 5, 2012

Mundane Grace

The following is a rather mundane blog post.

I woke up this morning, got dressed, went to work. Met with one of my favorite people and talked about her job, her life and all the cool things ahead of us. Met with my boss and realized that when you have a pastor as a boss who is also a friend, you can't ignore the potential counseling opportunity. Over chicken soup and catfish there were many words, a liberal amount of tears, and some interesting revelations.

Honest conversation is good for the soul. At least it was for mine.

An appointment at the Genius Bar of the Apple store turned into a wonderful win. Their customer service is incredible, and they are fixing a problem that I was willing to live with because I doubted I could afford the repair. For free.

A few moments at home, leftover pizza, band rehearsal, Food Lion and then towards home. A quick stop at the neighbor's house to give her the mail that our mailman stubbornly refuses to put in the right box. She invited me in, showed me around, honored me with some good conversation. Then into our home, noting the new roof and the wonderful progress on the addition. On the couch to watch the end of Grey's Anatomy  and share a carton of hummus with my daughter, while the other daughter washed the dishes.

A glimpse of some gorgeous photos; it's amazing what Sarah Brawley can do in a basement with a sheet and a few lights. You'd think you were on an amazing theatrical set.

I'm ready to call it a day. And I'm reflecting on the things I received today that I tried to push away, that I didn't deserve.

Invitations to talk, to say irrational things and let their power diffuse in the light of friendship.

A repair of a broken device, free of charge.

A beckoning to cross the threshold and visit a while.

The beauty of my family, under one roof, being themselves at their best. Sharing pretzels and hummus.

The simple things reduce the noise. I'm glad I can see clearly tonight.

Grateful for the grace of invitations, repaired computers, welcoming neighbors and the love of my children.


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annie said...

You may have started out talking about the mundane, Beth, but you ended with a poignant and beautiful portrait of grace. Lovely.