Sunday, July 22, 2012

Moving On; Thinking About Aurora

We've heard the news; the information is being inhaled and regurgitated at an alarming rate on the news channels.

But there is much to process, much to contemplate and consider as we now live in a country where innocent people get shot in movie theaters.

Here are three excellent, insightful posts regarding the impact of Friday's horrific events in Aurora, CO. First, from a respected local pastor who dug deep for his message today. Sammy Williams writes about the shooter's "deep downward climb" into darkness, and what might have made for a different story. Read his short post here.

Sara Kelm says she "has no answers for the madness of the world" - but still, her post offers hope and encouragement and something beautiful. And cookies. Read her words here.

And finally, my pastor - currently away on sabbatical - wrapped his thoughts around a story that tore through my heart and, ultimately, challenged me in a profound way. Brian has a way with words. You can read them, here.


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