Tuesday, February 12, 2013

PCC Volunteers Are AWESOME!

While I'm home recuperating and NOT working, I have had some time to THINK about what's going on at PCC - my church home and my place of employment. Things continue to change and evolve as the church grows and our mission field expands. We'll be rolling out some new information regarding structure and staffing at the first CORE meeting of 2013 (this Sunday, February 17, 6PM - live music and great information!) If PCC is your church home or you want to know more about what's happening, please come!

One of the most obvious changes as we started the new year is the involvement of "The Boys" - Matt O'Rear and Matthew O'Donnell - as Worship Coordinators at our two physical campuses. Laura Krzyston is on board as well, working alongside Chauncey Starkey and prepping for the new Riverside Campus (read more about Laura's journey on her blog). Matt and Matthew are actively coordinating worship and scheduling bands for the Powhatan and Westchester Campuses; we are still functioning as a team, but they are now the point guys for those campuses. Last week, we added another key volunteer to the mix.

Brenda singing with Mike and Matthew
You've likely seen Brenda Whiting leading worship with us as a vocalist. Over the past several years, Brenda and her family have become an integral part of the PCC family. Kirk is a fabulous photographer who lends his gifts and talents to various projects; their two boys are active in Children's Ministry. They serve at Westchester and Powhatan, as needed. Brenda's vocal gifts have been a great asset to our mission; but recently she's expressed a desire to serve in ways that go beyond just singing on the platform. 

Brenda got a copy of Andy Stanley's Deep & Wide, which the staff and Steering Team read earlier this year. She read it, and she got it. After some conversation, prayer and a few meetings, Brenda was ready to step into a new role that we felt would serve our creative arts team well in this current time of transition. Essentially, Brenda will be channeling her desire to care for those serving in the creative arts ministry by simply keeping in touch and coordinating care for our people. She'll make phone calls, help coordinate large group meetings every few months and essentially help Matt, Matthew and Laura stay connected and informed with the folks who are serving in the creative arts side of PCC.

I'm excited to support Brenda in this new area of service, and she's excited to make a valuable contribution to the mission of PCC!
Matthew, Brenda and Matt

If you'd like to get connected and use your gifts to serve at PCC, maybe it's time for you to take the next step like Brenda did! 
You'll have that opportunity this Sunday during the morning services at Powhatan and Westchester - don't miss it!

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