Monday, February 3, 2014

I Can't - But You Can

I don't do politics much, at least in a broad cultural context. I read, I pay attention, and I vote; but you won't hear me carrying on about political positions or raving about one candidate or another. I care very much about our government and the systems that make our democracy functional, but I confess to a tremendous amount of cynicism. It seems that power and money work hand in hand to corrupt the most honorable men and women in our political system.

I've long thought that if I had a more personal connection to the folks who are part of the system, I might feel more hopeful. More "represented", more inclined to be persuaded that the system is layered with honesty than deceit. Living in this small county in Central Virginia, I have had opportunity to interact with a few individuals in positions of civic responsibility and I have come away impressed. Bob Beasley and Lee Ware come to mind; both fine gentlemen who serve the citizens of this county in fine fashion.

Tomorrow, here in Powhatan, we vote in a special election, and I find that I am acquainted with several of the candidates on a personal level. A chance encounter at the music store with someone in the running for the County Clerk position gave me a deeper appreciation of the commitment and passion nestled within the request for support.

One candidate excites me more than any other, primarily because I have such a strong understanding and knowledge of who he is, what he believes and how he would approach his responsibilities, if elected. Unfortunately, I cannot vote for this individual.

But maybe you can.

District 4 has the distinct privilege of voting for a new School Board representative tomorrow. Sammy Frame is on the ballot. Here's what I can tell you about Sammy:

  • He is one of the smartest people I've known in my lifetime; a student of history and culture, he uses his knowledge to maintain clear and meaningful perspective as he interacts with others in our shared workplace.
  •  He is kind; although it is sometimes hidden behind an acerbic and clever wit, his general affection for people and their well-being is without question.
  • He is funny. I have never left a meeting with Sammy in attendance that didn't have at least one moment of genuine levity. (Is this a qualification for office? Perhaps not; but it makes for a good human being. That matters.)
  • He is committed and loyal. I've seen Sammy function, under pressure, as a leader, an employee and a friend. He understands the value of showing up and of staying focused; I have witnessed it time and again.
  • As part of a senior leadership team at our workplace, I have watched Sammy's skill as a facilitator, problem-solved and navigator in action. I've seen him grapple with problems and issues at a team level and guide conversation to places of clarity that have had a profoundly good impact on the community. 
I can't think of a better person to serve the citizens of Powhatan County, especially when it comes to the challenges of keeping our school system funded, focused and grounded in the real needs and expectations of local students and their families. I can't vote for Sammy tomorrow, because I don't live in his district.

But you can, if you're in District 4. 

Please vote for Sammy Frame tomorrow, and ask your neighbors to do the same. Let's lean into the future with an experienced leader who believes that what we say and do can and will make a profound difference in the individuals and families of our county.

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