Saturday, April 26, 2014

This Is Not A Gardening Blog

In one of the most productive weeks of vacation I think I have ever had, we've managed to accomplish a pretty big chunk of the Get Ready For A Wedding Reception list.

Well, that's not actually accurate; there's a ton of stuff yet to do on that list. But, this was a big one - as much a mental accomplishment as physical, although the fact that it's taken me the better part of three full days to finish gives testament that it required a good bit of exertion. And time.

And my muscles, they hurt.

But I'm pleased with what we accomplished. Interestingly enough, I'm most anxious for the kids to see it (and hopefully be pleased as well.) It seems that our home is constantly in some state of not-quite-finished; whether it's the porch cluttered with sound equipment, a barbecue grill and boxes of random junk; the flooring that's not yet completed...a bathroom that needs to be painted...etc. I'm still clinging to some fairy tale version of what it means to be a parent - the part that includes having picture perfect, nicely decorated bedrooms and a perfect lawn.

Plus a pool.

And a three-car garage.

(We'll never get there. And I'm almost out of time, as kid #4 of five leaves for college in a few months, and I'll have one shot left with my youngest....)

Anyway, I digress. I took a week of vacation, I did a lot of stuff and for three days I worked on the front yard and I think the kids will like it. Trust me when I tell you it was a mess - I did not do ONE THING to clean beds or weed last year, and it was obvious. Here's one before photo, of the "pond" area we were trying to clean out:


And here, in no particular order, are a few photos of the results of our labor. Let's start with a pretty picture of the lilac thing (I think that's what it is) that blooms prolifically every year and then tries to take over the yard with its long, stringy fingers:

Note: I will never be a real gardner, because I have no earthly idea of the proper names of any of these plants. This is a purple thingy. Lovely, whatever you call it. I wish it would bloom in July, when Shannon is having her purpley wedding reception here.

And here are the remaining of the shots, in random order. I know this is not a gardening blog - but for today, let's just pretend, shall we?

And if you're proud of our hard work, leave an encouraging message in the comments. I'm a words girl; affirmation will make my achy muscles feel better. 


Mary said...

You must be exhausted but so happy with your beautiful pond! The toads and frogs will find it soon and serenade you every evening :)

Jayne said...

WOW! I am so impressed. It's just beautiful Beth. You all should be so very proud that you created something so lovely.

Bill said...

Serene! Perfect for the kind of life contemplation you do!

Lori said...

Gorgeous Beth... I love a pond/ waterfall.. any sound of water in the yard... so peaceful. Your flowers are beautiful. I miss the up home flowers... :(
I love it... now rest up!

WendyB said...

Wow!! Beautiful!! Your hard work was worth it.

Donia said...

So lovely and serene. Great WORK! I was even motivated to clear last year's debris from my vegetable garden beds...

Susan Lloyd said...

wow, you should be proud. wisteria is the purple flower that will take over everything but I love it!.

also, your iris are gorgeous! GREAT JOB!

Anna said...

You make me love life more. Thank you for sharing this one-time gardening blog. I enjoyed every word and every pic. Entertaining and beautiful!!!

annie said...

I'm probably too late to help your muscles with my words, but oh, this is all so pretty! And I am so jealous of the pond! Yes, the wisteria will try and take over! We don't have any but there is a bunch of it blooming on our route to the country.