Tuesday, May 6, 2014


Lost my voice Sunday, to some combination of a head cold and allergies. Couldn't sing at all in church, which was frustrating.

Wasn't much better Monday morning, so I worked from home and didn't speak much. I had a few piano lessons to teach Monday evening, so I got cleaned up (meaning: I PUT ON CLOTHES) and went in to see my students. As they came in, I said, "I've been a little sick, just with my voice, so I'm not going to talk much. I'll just whisper."


Pretty much every kid whispered back. Any dialogue we had was in whispered tones. For the entire lesson.

Why do we do this?

We willingly meet one another on a different level, when it's obvious that the rules of engagement have changed.  It was bizarre, how every single kid leaned towards very soft speaking or whispering. Just because I was doing it.


annie said...

That is interesting! We human beings have such funny quirks!

joeldavids said...

haha.. intresting and fun reading this .. God Bless.. Joel