Thursday, August 6, 2015

Summit 2015: Bill Hybels

I'm at the Global Leadership Summit this week, sitting at the end of a live satellite feed of some
incredible teachers, thinkers, leaders and innovators. Something like 80 folks from our team at PCC are here; it's powerful, to learn and share together. Thus far, we've heard from Bill Hybels (pastor), Jim Collins (businessman) and Ed Catmull (creative guy behind Pixar).

I've attended about ten of these things, and it never fails: I learn. I change.

That's a good thing.

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I've got notes; boy do I have notes. Here's a few from Bill Hybels' talk:

  • You're probably in one of three places in the paradigm of leadership:
    • (EARLY IN THE GAME) Can I do this?
    • (MIDLIFE) Can I sustain this? *where I am now!
    • (TOWARDS THE END) Can I take it past the finish line?
  • Humility and respect are key to great leadership.
Five intangibles of leadership (from Richard Davis' book)
  • GRIT: "Steely determination over decades."
    • Gritty people play hurt.
    • The Little Engine That Could - I think I can, I think I can...
    • Gritty leaders work out
    • Gritty leaders go above and beyond
    • Senior leaders make gritty organizations unstoppable.
  • SELF-AWARENESS: Ask "Who are you trying to impress?"
    • We make questionable decisions based on things we are tethered to in the past - bad parenting, open wounds
    • BLINDSPOTS must be examined to be self-aware; something we think we do well, but that we do not
      • We all have 3.4 blindspots on average; you really have no idea
      • Growth in self-awareness demands input from others
  • RESOURCEFULLNESS: See everything the Wright Brothers did....
  • SELF-SACRIFICING LOVE: Story of David when he does not drink the water his officers bring to him.
    • Self-sacrificing love is always at the core of the core of leadership
    • Love never fails.
    • Love changes people.
    • We live in a day of narcissistic celebrity leaders and a lack of trust - especially in the church.
    • Self-sacrificial love - a deep personal love - will change things.
    • Tear down "professional veils" that prevent you from love; it must start at the top, with the leader.
    • The quality of love from the senior leader sets the tone for the organization.
    • Know what's in your 'top box'.
    • Even the Pope said, "I am a very sinful man that God has looked kindly upon."
    • God sees your gap - from who you are to who you need to be.
    • Leadership matters in all industries and across disciplines - in life and in death.

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