Friday, April 29, 2011

Study Break 2011:8

It's a slow reentry. Started with a little extra sleep, a trip to the chiropractor, some phone conversations, a trip to the Y, some reading, some thinking about Newfoundland, a full one-hour massage ( ! ), a little bit of time at the piano (where I realized that I'd been thinking deeply about a friend's comments and questions about prayer - so deeply that I was completely unaware, until it poured out of my hands), a home-cooked meal for my busy family, a little more quiet and contemplation, checking of the email, planning for tomorrow, careful thoughts about how to do What I Do more effectively, prayerful awareness of those suffering in the southern path of the tornadoes I danced around yesterday, a trip to Target and Sweet Frog with two of my kids...

I'm ready for bed, and tomorrow I'm getting my head back in the game. So grateful for this time, so grateful for my life, my kids, my home, my kitchen.

And my husband. I am beyond blessed tonight.

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