Friday, March 9, 2012

Friday Shopping And Fun Links

I bought a piano today.

At a hardware store.

There's a first time for everything.


In other news, here's a few things I thought were really awesome:

I haven't watched a lot of football in the past decade, but I know Peyton Manning is a class act. And I know that Rick Reilly is one of the best writers on the planet. I grew up devouring every word of Sports Illustrated, every week. Great writing. Worth your time. Read this.

Another beautiful post by Addie Zierman from How To Talk Evangelical
"...Depression doesn’t just make you sad, it makes you empty. You reach for the things you need, but you can’t absorb them." Read the entire post here.

Anything called "Jesus, Don't Let Me Die Before I've Had Sex" sounds...interesting, to say the least. "The title is taken from one of the interviewees and the subject matter seems to be handled with compassion and nuance in a time where most discussions of sex and morality are incredibly polarized and lack both candor and humanity." I have a lot to say about this, but I'll save it for later. In the meantime, you might like to take a look.

Incredible art and design work from Jim LePage. Holy cow. This series is compelling and fascinating and inspiring and more.

Lastly, just heard a commercial for Charmin Toilet Paper. Their slogan is We all go. Why not enjoy the go? Really? That's just....awkward.

Here's another picture of the piano, and some clarification: 
a) It's not for me, it's for the church
b) It's not completely paid for. Yet. If you want to help get it to PCC, I can hook you up.

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annie said...

Wow! I do love the art work series! Fascinating! And beautifully done.