Monday, March 26, 2012

On Savannah

Ceiling, second floor, SCAD Student Center
Savannah is an amazing town. Urban, with an incredible energy flowing through not only the historic district, but the outer ring as well. Southern, with lovely hospitality and smiles and the inner light that comes from people who have learned to suffer under the strain of great humidity.

It is an amazing town, this little haven of cool in the corner of Georgia. And now, it is my daughter's home.

It's a great fit, it so many ways. There is still much to sort out. We will go day by day. But she's there, and she's ready.

In her new dorm room
Through this process, I have strongly felt God impress two specific truths to me. One was this, that SHE IS READY FOR THIS, which came (in all caps, yes) as I walked the streets of our neighborhood before we left. I leaked tears and leaned into the stress of it all, and it could have been a loud voice or a soft whisper, but whatever it was, I heard it.


And the further implication?

SO JUST SHUT UP ALREADY AND GET OVER YOURSELF (a little note from my dear friend Bob Pino, no doubt, who I can clearly envision hanging around with Jesus himself, talking about us all.)

The second came to me in Savannah, while Sarah slept soundly next to the hum of the hotel air conditioner and my husband sought his own sleep next to me.


Again, there's me with the tears and the stress, and there's this voice, this sense of command and knowledge. And a question.

I answered, in the affirmative, and felt - literally - a peace settle about me.

It was so very real.

So there's this: either I am going a bit crazy these days, which is entirely possible, or I am experiencing, in my weakness, some amazing transcendental moments. Call it what you will. I'm calling it the presence of God.

I welcome it.

Our new friend Steph, at the Back In the Day Bakery, which was oh-my-word incredible

Yes. My favorite picture. Maybe ever.

Oh, and by the way: you know Sarah sings. Monday evening, before she left last week, she met up with a friend who often "borrows" her voice for some of his projects. Take a listen at what she did to help out last week. Go here and give it a listen.


Matthew said...
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Matthew said...


The next blog post should be happier. Preferably something about kittens, or the circus, or maybe some kittens who go to the circus.

No, really, my heart and my prayers go out to you and to her. You are some of my favourite people, and I'm very excited for what these big changes have in store for both of you.

WhatAboutNovember said...

Yes. She is.

And so are you, love. :) Just look at your eyes in that picture.

WhatAboutNovember said...

(by the way - I didn't take my old blog down - I've just hidden it. The one you'd find if you clicked this link is one I'm doing for a class.)