Friday, April 6, 2012

Good Friday

God isn’t going to magically restore healthy rhythms and boundaries in my life without my cooperation. He never asked me to spread too thin or nurture unhealthy habits or try to live up to some reputation. He didn’t say, “Do more. Do everything.” Those are on me. I did that. That’s my pride and selfishness and ego and ambition rising up, trampling down the beloved things, the necessary things.

Those are the words of Jen Hatmaker.

This is my Good Friday, trampling down the beloved things.

Longing for Sunday. Waiting for restoration.


WhatAboutNovember said...

"trampling down the beloved things"...

what a phrasing. wow.

miss you

SAM said...

a common struggle it seems

your words and Jen's words are comforting

each of us a part of the Bride

each of us reaching to be the best and purest of who we are created to be ... nothing more ... nothing less...

restoration ... yes ... restoration ... Amen

Polly said...

We are always in need of restoration. Wise words. Thank you.