Wednesday, April 25, 2012

The Great Flood Of 2012

So much has transpired - primarily a trip to Texas, with fun photos, a new hairdo, insults, guitars and a fair measure of nostalgia and perspective.

However, at the moment, none of that matters. Rather than write something clever, I'll just copy and paste the content of an email I sent to my coworkers this morning: 

Last night, due to operator error and an old washing machine that is a little finicky, we managed to flood the basement. While we happily enjoyed our chicken sandwiches and salads at PCC night at Chick fila, we emptied the well and filled the basement. Two hours of running water makes for a nice little swimming pool.   
O joy. 
We rescued the instruments (there were about 20 guitars / banjos / etc.) and none were the worse for wear, thankfully (the majority of them were repair jobs. Ouch.) We managed to haul everything outside or upstairs and suck most of the water out of the carpet and the corners of the basement. Tony fixed the washer. He rewired the pump to get our second well functioning.  
Tony had about half a century's worth of papers, books, electronic devices, ancient guitar effect pedals, computer keyboards, computers, etc. We drug everything outside to dry. Now we have to begin the herculean task of sorting and repacking. It was a job that we knew we needed to do sometime; I guess this is as good a time as any.  
I went to Walmart sometime after midnight to get plastic storage containers. People who shop at 1AM are interesting folks.  
We'd appreciate your prayers. Lots of other stuff going on today, as Daniel goes to court to get his "real" license" and I got volunteered to play for the school musical rehearsal this afternoon. Oh, and there are receipts to turn in for expenses and all the various and other sundry things that go with work. I really need to take a shower. Tony has three appointments this morning and a store to run.  
But hey: God is good, all the time. When I am overwhelmed, I have a great opportunity to sense his presence. Pray for us in that regard today.  
It's going to be a long day of work. We're already tired. But: 
1) it's not raining
2) nobody died
3) nothing is ruined that can't be replaced
4) we have running water
5) Tony is a mechanical genius.  
It's not so bad. 


Cyn Huddleston said...

Handy to have a genius in the house. Or several ;)

WhatAboutNovember said...

1) You said "drug", which is a noun. "Dragged" is a verb. (I'm grouchy this morning, forgive me)

2) Speaking as one who routinely shops at Walmart after midnight, YES, there are some interesting folk that emerge at night. It's better than a county fair.

3) Naturally, amidst my snark, you have all my love, and yes, a prayer. :) said...

well, this looks like my house on the inside for the past month.... yea......month....... but I am pulling through this and am willing to come give you guys a hand (I have 2) if you need it, hollar!

annie said...

I'm glad things are being taken care of and I hope you aren't too much worse for the wear.

Basements fascinate me. We don't have them here in Southwest Louisiana. If I came to visit, I would HAVE to check out the basement!

Lori said...

Good Lord have mercy. That's the worst. I seem to have some strange affinity for water things like that. My laundry is in the house and the hose let go and flailed around laundry room, which also serves as home office (computer etcs) what a nightmare. I do thank God for shop vac.
keeping you in my thoughts and prayers as always.
You are so lucky to have a handy hubby! I sure miss that.

Brandee Shafer said...

Ugh. Sorry.

Oh, and I just want to throw it out there: I studied English for 6 years, and I had to look up the conjugation of drag to make sure drug wasn't in there, somewhere.