Sunday, September 9, 2012

Worship Recap 9/9/2012

I spent most of Friday and Saturday in bed or on the couch. Bad head cold.

There was no way I was going to miss church today, with our pastor back for the first time in three months! However, an 11-hour day might have been a little's back to the couch for me.

Here are the songs we did at the Powhatan campus today:

Sing to the King is a great, older song from the early days of the Passion movement. One of the first "contemporary" worship songs I ever learned, it's always been one of my favorites.

Rise and Sing by Steve Fee also gained popularity out of Passion. It's a great, energetic tune.

Cornerstone came to PCC via Hillsong New York City. Matthew O'Donnell visited Hillsong Church while on a spring break trip to New York last year. He came home saying, "We have to do this song", along with my sons and daughter who made the trip with him. We've been singing it for the past several months. If you grew up in or around a traditional church, you might recognize the lyric; My hope is built on nothing less / than Jesus' blood and righteousness is the lyric from a hymn written in the early 1800's by Edward Mote. It's been reworked many times, and I think this is my favorite version.

You Are My Passion is a Jesus Culture tune, and a strong worship song for our female singers. If you like this, and if you are familiar with Your Love Never Fails, you're likely a Jesus Culture fan. They're a great, creative worship band. Check them out here.

The final song today was another old hymn (if anyone asks, yes we DO sing hymns at PCC!) Be Thou My Vision is an Irish hymn from the early 1900's; very fitting for Matthew O'Donnell to sing, with his Irish background. The version we did today was quite faithful to the original melody, but had an additional bridge added. I'm not sure where this version originated, but I learned it when I picked up Take the World But Give Me Jesus by a band called Ascend the Hill. The entire album is full of standard, traditional hymns with minor updates - different instrumentation, an extra bridge or chorus. Having grown up in a traditional church, I find that music like this really speaks to a unique and powerful place of worship in my soul. It gets a good amount of airplay in my house. If you like hymns, or are interested in looking back a bit in church history, check out Ascend the Hill. You can buy the entire album for $8.91 on iTunes, with songs like Rock of Ages, I Surrender All and Be Thou My Vision. You'll like it.

As an aside; my kids are accustomed to Sundays being church day. David likes to get up and come in early with me. Sometimes he skates in the parking lot, sometimes he sleeps in the atrium. Today, he was apparently exploring with his buddies Courey and Ryan, and they came in to say 'hi' during our morning rehearsal.

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Donia said...

Be Thou My Vision was beautiful this morning. One of my favorite hymns!