Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Dinner Conversation At The Brawleys

Sarah worked tonight, which means she got a great in-house meal after her shift ended. The other four kids and I sat down to a not-very-inventive dinner of chicken strips, green beans and tater tots. (Sometimes you just gotta have a tater tot, you know? With ranch. That's the Texan in me...)


We had some general dinner conversation, skirting around school and friend issues. The weekend looks to be busy, with birthday parties, sleepovers, a school-sponsored dance, etc. We talked around a bit of that.

Suddenly, David started giggling hysterically. His laugh is contagious - he starts, and he can't stop, and pretty soon we're all laughing, too. I couldn't figure out what was so funny, until Daniel started snorting beside me.

"Look," he said. "My bean is pooping."

He was squeezing his whole green bean, watching the bean pods slip out the bottom onto his plate.



David was hysterically joyous, rocking from side to side in his chair, oozing that unique mirth that only comes from inappropriate bathroom humor.

Shannon rolled her eyes. "Sometimes I forget that my brothers are boys. And that boys can be stupid."

Daniel grinned.



more cows than people said...

are you related to a professor at mccormick theological seminary? just curious.

another great story from your household.

Jayne said...

Tee hee hee... only boys, only boys! :c)

Willy said...

OK....now we're just DIEING to get there for this kind of comic relief!

Scott said...

ok, now THAT is funny!