Thursday, February 7, 2008

Ninjas From Ohio

We ate dinner with my folks tonight, which was nice. Odd that we had an evening where everybody was in one place, with no demands, commitments or traveling. Mom made homemade lasagna and homemade cheesecake (so much for reducing my caloric intake today) and we had a good time visiting.

Over dinner, I said, "Mom, I wanted to request a room at your Bed and Breakfast; I have some friends coming in town for the night. They're from Ohio. Can they stay here?"

"Oh, sure. Wait - from Ohio? Who is it?"

Shannon chuckled.

Mom looked at me with a moderate level of concern and interest.

"Are these the people from your blog?"

Sarah laughed maniacally.

"Yeah, mom met these people online and she's inviting them to stay with y'all. What if they're serial killers or something?"

Me: "I really don't think so. Have you seen their blog? Do they look like serial killers?"

Shannon chimed in.

"Mom, if they're killers, you ought to invite them to stay at our house, not murder Grandma and Grandpa."

David spoke up.

"What if they're pirates? That would be cool."

A stunned silence settled on the table as we looked at him and realized that he was, basically, completely serious. We stared at him for a moment, then he spoke again.

"Okay, not pirates then. But what if they're Ninjas? Now that would be awesome."


Jayne said...

Thanks for the much needed chuckle to start my day! ;c) Hey, as long as they have Bud Light... (have you seen the chainsaw dude commercial?) LOL!

Scott said...

That's my boy! I hope he settled on Ninja Pirates. Wicked cool.

Megian said...

This can only be about Pat and Bill. Wow, never thought of them as Ninjas, or Pirates, but they are really cool people! So, I guess if they had to be classified as so to get a room to stay be it. :)

Jen from Bill's Blog on Pleasant Chapel

(I think you left a comment about having the same purse! Small world indeed!)
Have fun and take care of my bestest friends.

Diane said...

great conversation, and funny! I went to New York and met someone from my blog! (what if she was a serial killer!)

more cows than people said...

this made me chuckle because i spent the night with a blogging friend and her family got VERY nervous.

i'm not a serial killer. or a ninja.

j said...

morecows sent me the link to this and i am laughing out loud because it's true--my family was WAY nervous. it made lots of sense ot me, but i hadn't filled in all the backstory for them, and they were just beside themselves. they confessed afterwards (my folks, that is) to having debated about whether or not to call and check in on us sometime during the evening. so now we laugh (morecows and i) about how she and her husband are axe murderers. ninja pirates sounds much cooler!

mandy said...

thank you for this link. the warm spring weather has returned to cold & wet, so i've had some time to sit back at the computer and catch up.
and THIS is what i get?

GREAT STORY! ready to hear more!