Thursday, May 1, 2008

My Brother!!!!!

This is my brother's band.

I'm biased, of course; but these guys are good.

And they're just about the nicest, funniest, most decent people you'll ever meet. I had the privilege of playing with them at a local worship conference last year. Amazingly talented musicians.

They've put together a collection of original songs that reflect a lot of influences, from various genres. They've honored themselves and the creative process and assembled some really good stuff.

The album released today. It's called American Sun, and you - yes, YOU - can download it for a mere $7.92 at iTunes, right now. Just click here.

Of course I am shamelessly shilling for my family, but I wouldn't do so if I didn't think you'd like the tunes.

I hope you'll check it out. And, by the way, if you're in Nashville or Chicago, they'll be playing there this weekend.
By the way, Eric - I'm really proud of you...((((choking back sisterly emotion))))
*cross posted on all my other blogs..sorry for the redundancy, just trying to get the word out...


Beth said...

I just downloaded it--it's awesome. Thanks for the tip on some good music.

Jayne said...

I know you are soooo proud Beth! I'm off to listen!

Shan said...

Hi Beth :) Thanks for letting me know you visited. Funny timing as I am just today making Christine's lasagna. Could you smell it?
I am happy to meet you and will be checking out your brothers band pronto! Please feel free to grab Jamey C's music. He decided to use it more as a ministry/hobby rather than a side job. He is a natural song writer as well.
You look like quite the musical family and with 12345(?) kids and musical siblings. What a show you could put on!
Your Shannon is quite lovely and seems to have similar coloring to me(but fewer freckles!) Have a great day :D