Monday, May 12, 2008

Worship 5.11.08

Yesterday was a good day - unlike many churches, we made no mention of the fact that it was Pentecost. However, we did give a nod to mothers as we continued our series on Growing Great Families.

Washed By the Water - Needtobreathe
Amazing song - I actually saw it mentioned online on Boomama's blog, gave it a listen and agreed that it was a killer tune. Our usual bass player for the band stepped out and sang it, and WOW! I never did settle on how it fit into the theme of the service, but it was a great opener. I LOVE THE INTERNET.

Child Dedication - We had about seven families come to dedicate their kids. We do an en masse dedication, with everybody on stage at once while specific pictures of the kids are on the screen. We introduce each family and child, and then do a covenant reading by the parents and the audience. It's very meaningful, though we don't have the pastor kissing and holding each baby one by one. Sometimes I miss my Methodist days...but this was a meaningful occasion.

As For Me - Michael Neale
We introduced this last week and brought it back. Killer tune, and great to see the audience singing along. Seemed like many were taking the words to heart.

You're Worthy of My Praise - David Ruis
We haven't done this tune in a while; my favorite arrangement is the one from the 1999 Passion recording (I'll never forget being there that year - maybe the first - and being blown away by the worship, the music, the was life-changing...)with the bass loop running throughout. Yesterday we had a bass player who could handle it, and he rocked the house throughout. We settled into the groove and I loved playing it. Great worship for our crowd.

Momsense - Anita Renfro
We covered this viral Youtube sensation; rather than cut the original recording of the William Tell Overture, I pulled out my classical chops and played a basic arrangment on the piano. Aside from the fact that the piano was horribly out of tune (thanks to the high school's musical schedule from the previous week), it went very well. Our drama team/vocalist did a great job preparing.

Have Your Way - Charlie Hines
Great song from the Sweetly Broken cd; a little jazz feel. With yesterday's band, we had a good time with it; Scott pulled out the djembe, which I learned to spell, and added a nice flavor.
After the message, we closed with a piano/vocal rendition of Greg Ferguson's Enough, from Willow Creek's Enough cd. That man can write some great songs...

It was a very good day indeed...


Jayne said...

Sounds like a great day Beth!

We, loving our symbolism and all in the Episcopal Churh, did the celebration of Pentecost up well and there was red being worn all about the congregation. When it came time for the gospel reading, it was read by 5 voices in unison in English, Spanish, German, Latin, and French. Wow.

Mary said...

I'm in another world here! God, help me! LOL!

I was expecting the sunray over the water at Grace Every Day, Beth!!!!

Happy Mother's Day to ONE HECK OF A MOM.


kim said...

oh I SO WISH we would move to handling child dedications the way you described.

you attended the 1999 Passion event? SO jealous am I. :) I absolutely loved those first couple of live recordings. All those that followed have been good as well, but they were revolutionary in the worship music world in '98 and '99. That was back in the day when nobody knew the worship leaders' names....

Sounds like a great Sunday for your church. Thanks for writing about it. You pull songs from a wide variety of sources. I love that.