Friday, May 9, 2008


I have to consolidate. Along with the updated pic (what do you think? Pretty, eh?) and template, I've got to abandon this idea of maintaining three separate blogs. HELLO!!! You don't have time to clean the bathroom! What were you thinking?

Well, I'm not sure. Except I realize, after a few weeks of this, that I'm starting to feel discombobulated. One place I get to be worship leader/church girl. The other I'm divorce recovery girl. Then here, I'm mom, sister, daughter, friend.

It feels a little bit wrong, to tell you the truth. Schizophrenic. An opporunity (or a temptation) to wear different masks when necessary. I want to be whole, to think and interact holistically.

So I'm leaving the Third Verse blog but keeping that general idea going over here - I'll document church stuff, our services, my challenges in my vocation. And I'll post prom pictures and my twitter updates. Divorce recovery stuff will stay put.

I gotta be me. Just me. Just one.

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Jayne said...

With the effort it takes me to maintain just one, I can't imagine three blogs. :c) Have a beautiful Saturday! Now I have that "I gotta be me" song in my head.... lolol.