Friday, October 10, 2008

FREE Worship Music!!!

My kids have mentioned Phil Wickham's name a few times, and I'm finally catching up.  He's writing some good worship music for the church. 

What's most exciting to me is a recording called 'Singalong'.  It's simple - just Phil, a guitar and a crowd of people worshiping God.

Oh, and yeah, there's this:  IT'S FREE.

Worship music impacts my spiritual life in a powerful way.  How about you?

To get the FREE - yes, FREE! - download of 'Singalong', click here and follow the directions.  They won't spam you, harrass you or annoy you - just give them your email address and be blessed by this gift.  And give a good listen to 'Cannons'; if you are at PCC, you'll be hearing that one on Sunday morning in the very near future.

1 comment:

angela said...

oh thank you thank you! Can't wait to hear it!