Monday, October 6, 2008

Things For Which I Am Thankful

1.  Cafe Caturra, and their willingness to give their employees (including my daughter) free coffee beans.

2.  Comet.  It works.

3.  Mandolins, and people who know how to play them.

4.  B minor 9th chords.  I just love 'em.

5.  Peter Pan no-sugar-added peanut butter.

6.  Hope.

7.  Sleeping with the windows open.

8.  Powhatan Community Church.

9.  Matt Lauer (not a thing, but there you go).

10.  My kids.  Every last one of them.


Ray said...

Daleen and I are definitely thankful for Powhatan Community Church and all the awesome things that are happening there.

Anonymous said...

B minor 9th chords!! Yes! I love them too :D

Bill said...

Since your #3 is is a link to our Pastor's Myspace. He's a mandolin guru as well as a wondeful leader and friend.