Friday, February 6, 2009

God's About To Move

I'm plowing through the Breaking Free study and really soaking in the truth I'm finding.  Today I read something so powerful:

"According to 2 Chronicles 32.1, we can be faithful to God and centered in His will, yet still be attacked by the enemy.  Sometimes our enemy attacks the weak and wandering believers because they are easy prey.  Other times he attacks competent, fully-surrendered servants of God for the challgenge and the possible contagious effect of a fall....We are wise never to consider ourselves invulnerable, so that we stay alert and aware at all times..."

The Biblical example of Hezekiah and the other kings of Israel are fascinating bits of history - but the moral and spiritual lessons seen in their humanity stick with me much more than the facts.  Going through this part of the Bible again brings back memories of different places and times where I've studied this before - but these days, it's fresh.

Just last night, I was commisserating with a friend about the malaise I currently feel.  Much of it seems related to church - both the practical, work-related issues and the interpersonal connections.  He pointed out to me that difficult times like these often reflect the work of our enemy, who gets agitated when God's about to move.

God's about to move.

I know He's ever-present, always there, never leaves or forsake us.  I trust His presence.  I live in that.   But I'm sensing some truth here.  God's about to move.  I believe that perhaps all this angst is more than just my personal junk.

God's about to move.

I'm on my knees.  

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YesNoMaybeSo said...

powerful, powerful, powerful! I really need to buy this book still!! Since I can't drive for a while...that might be a slight problem haha