Sunday, February 1, 2009

Sunday Setlist 2.1.09

Some PCC Choir folks during tech run...

I haven't done a Sunday Setlist for ages....but here we go.

We ended our "Leverage" series today.  It's been a challenging series - in that we have been challenged, every week, to challenge the power available to us - through community, prayer, money and - today - our lifestyle.

I kind of thought the day was going to be all about sin.  Instead, Brian leaned into Biblical examples of how choices - good and bad - impacted history.  It was a fascinating message.

The music, I loved.  So much.  We had a choir today, rehearsed in a cramped, hot trailer on Wednesday night.  But they came ready to show Jesus some love, and it was awesome.  I'm so grateful to everybody for the hard work and sacrifice they made to come lead today.  They sang on all four tunes and it was stellar.  I can't say enough about the sound guys today, who went above and beyond - without their usual leader in place.  Mixing the choir is always a challenge - they did a superb job.

We also had some killer percussion from Jenn (her first time!) and Craig.  I love me some choice percussion...

Here's what we did:

First of all, we're opening ten minutes early these days, starting with a band jam and then throwing our "10B4" video in (which usually is less than ten minutes - hence the jam).  We did an original hip-hoppy/funk groove thing for a while, then launched the video announcements.
Friend of God - Israel Houghton
Let God Arise - Chris Tomlin
Overcome - Jon Egan, from New Life Worship.  First time for this tune today, and it was POWERFUL.  It lends itself to excellent and easy harmony vocals for a large ensemble, and it's quick for the congregation to pick up.  It sounded great and created an awesome, tangible sense of worship and praise.  It's one powerful tune, and if you haven't heard it, seen the life New Life Performance AND heard the story behind the song, check out and look it up.  Great stuff.

We went to worshiphousemedia to find "What Is Sin", an excellent Man on the Street vid from Visual Reality.  It set up Brian's message.

Lose My Soul This was MOST EXCELLENT.  We covered the newer version, with our own version of Kirk Franklin, Toby Mac and Mandisa rocking the stage.  I was thrilled to see the band step up and cover this style, with some authentic scratching and killer vocals.  The choir came up at the end and nailed the chorus and really drove the point home.  We sent folks out the door with the exhortation to truly look around and choose - to remember that it does no good to gain anything in the world at the cost of your soul.

Personally, today was powerful for me - both because of the excellence the musicians brought and the powerful way I felt the presence of God.  There were moments today when I couldn't decide whether to raise my hands or play the piano.  I tried doing a bit of both - but my heart was focused on One Thing.

I am so grateful to have a place and a reason to celebrate every Sunday morning.  I love my church, and I love my God.

What did YOU think/feel/experience/learn today?

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Justin said...

Very cool- Lose my Soul- would have loved to been there to hear it- i bet it was good

Connie K. said...

It was indeed. Really really good.

Jessica said...

haha me in this picture i am a dork ! : X

Anonymous said...

"Overcome" is a great song, we are learning it tonight!!
Great setlist!

Patty P said...

I've still got the bridge on repeat...

jenn said...

that service was so awesome!!! I wasn't expecting to have that much fun onstage!!!! I, too, felt purrrrty connected with God!!! AMAZING!!!

steff said...

Yes, yes, yes I totally agree with all your comments on Overcome! It is an amazingly powerful song.