Friday, July 31, 2009

Is This Weird?

Some random bits and pieces:

~~Our staff went through a one-day retreat and discusses our strengths according to this book. I found it fascinating on a personal level - I learned a lot about myself and have been a bit more self-aware as I interact with others (I'm an ACTIVATOR and a MOTIVATOR, among other things...) It was extremely valuable for our staff, and I think it's given us some great tools to understand and respect one another's working styles and natural gifts. This was a win for us, and I recommend it to anyone working with teams. Good stuff.

~~Syd's birthday party: WIN. Great friends, easy to entertain, NO trouble whatsoever, and lots of love in the room. Had some great conversations with some very special people.

~~I finished this book earlier this week. It tore me to shreds; not because it was sad or depressing - it wasn't, although it was intense and full of sorrow - but because it was so well-written, so incredibly deep, so real... That's John Irving for you. I could hardly bear to close the cover. Seems like the older I get, the more dangerous it becomes for me to read a well-written book or watch a well-done movie. I get so sucked into the story that it alters my reality somewhat. Is that weird? Art like that - with a deep story - goes so deeply into my soul that it impacts my 'real life'. Again, I ask: Is that weird? I don't know. Weird or not, it was a brilliant story.

~~Looking forward to the next three weeks. They will contain some intense activity, a two-day test of my capacity for extroversion and lots of people, all day long - and after that, some time to breathe.

Glad to be hear, in this moment, right now. It's a brilliant story.

Here's a great photo for you, of an amazing young man who continues to grow and mature in a way that brings a smile to my face and peace to my heart. I love my kids. Oh, and props to Maida Vale Music for the awesome and artistic clothing...


Hope said...

My husband has had some exposure to Marcus Buckingham's ideas at work as always gives him food for thought.

Have a great weekend - August already!

JulieS said...

If a story being able to deeply affect you is weird, then in my caae, I guess it is "it takes one to know one." - I may have to get the book on strengths, I seem to mostly focus on my weaknesses. Great review,Beth, I think I am going to order it now.