Sunday, July 19, 2009

Sunday Night

Continuing to think about what matters most to me. I get so terribly overwhelmed and posessed by the day-to-day details of life and my job that I lose sight of the horizon. Derek Webb poses a great question, regardless of the subject at hand. Sister, what matters most to you?

I'm still cogitating on that one.

My house is quiet and clutter-free. One child in Tennessee with his step-mom, three in Macedonia having an experience completely foreign to me (no pun intended; just an awareness that the broadness of my childrens' lives is leaving me far behind). My youngest and I, discovering a new rhythm of life. We're talking Legos and a shared fondness for ice cream.

Great time tonight with dear friends. I'm grateful that Kevin and Candy are present in my life.

Spent some good time with my mom today. We went shopping, which is not a typical bonding activity for us. It was good to be together for a few hours. I love my parents.

I had no responsibilities today at church. It wasn't so bad. I'm learning to release my tight-fisted control and let others lean into leadership. It's good.

I laughed last night, hard. My best friend does a great job reminding me of how to be human. I'm so blessed.

I am really hoping to gain some insight into how to organize my days and nights in a more sustainable pace. I'm running in circles.

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Patty P said...

that song has been stuck in my head all week!