Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Do The Next Right Thing

Up late, uninterested in sleep. In spite of the fact that I'm sleepy.

I think the 8:30 PM iced skinny vanilla latte has something to do with it. Look, look, look! I'm AWAKE!!!

I had a great evening being creative. In fact, the entire day felt like a creative success. I had to work from home today due to car issues (since resolved). Usually, if the kids are home my work productivity is fairly limited. Today I was intentional about some focused time with David (conversation over Fruit Loops and a game of Uno, in which I was crushed) and we had a good day. Apparently Fruit Loops + Uno + plus comfy clothes + a work station that includes the couch and a coffee table = creative productivity.

Tonight I got to sing. I wasn't in charge - I simply tried to fulfill somebody else's vision. I put on a different hat and it felt good. It was healthy. I feel more balanced.

It's good to receive that. Makes me think about the need to give it, too. Last week I was immersed in these words: Put yourself aside, and help others get ahead. Don't be obsessed with getting your own advantage. Forget yourselves long enough to lend a helping hand.  

I want to live like that. Too often it seems to be an overwhelming impossibility. There is just too much to do, too many opportunities. Too many chances to fail.

But I read these words today, and I offered them to a friend and then realized that I needed them as much (or more) than she did. In the face of Too Much To Do, a long list of chores and seemingly overwhelming circumstances, just do the next right thing.

That sounds manageable, doesn't it? Let's try it.

Do the next right thing.


Tracy said...

Those words have become my mantra during overwhelming and difficult times. A very wise friend shared those same words with me many years ago!

Granny said...

Thanks for the reminder -- sometimes we just need to focus on the step we're on.