Wednesday, November 10, 2010

I Like Change

I'm really into this idea of fresh starts, second chances, new beginnings. Change stimulates my creativity, makes me feel solid and centered.

As a kid, I rearranged my bedroom furniture. A lot.

I do it as an adult, as well; not so frequently anymore (these days, I'd rather sleep in a chair than reposition it).

So, today? Lots of change.

First of all, we had our normal Wednesday staff devotional time in silence. Twenty minutes, in the auditorium, silently connecting with God. It was powerful and extremely intimate, which is somewhat curious. We did something in silence, and yet felt so connected when we finished. Very cool. An incredible time with my co-workers / friends.

Then Lindsay, Anna and I worked hard to swap offices. Lindsay and I work together, and we spend a lot of our office hours together in my office, working at a big table. Anna shares space with Lindsay but has been longing for something a little more intimate. So we decided to switch. Lindsay and I moved in together and Anna got somewhat settled in her own space.

New walls, new arrangements, books in new (somewhat random) order on the shelves. A new view.

A fresh season, an untraveled path.

I like it.


Brian C. Hughes said...

Very cool office look!

I'm sorry I missed that devotional time. Reminds me of a spirituality class I had in seminary where the professor opened every class with 10 minutes of total silence. Every class. Test days. guest speaker days. No exceptions. Most of my seminary experience was...less than memorable. But I'll never forget those classes. I craved that class. Just for that 10 minutes.

We should do silence more often.

Thanks for sharing about your experience!

Lindsay said...

Love, love, love it...the devotional and the new look. Thank you for sharing your experience and encouraging us to be still and let God speak. It was such a blessing.

Also, I can't get enough of comfy, cozy places and can't wait to work in this one with YOU. Love you!