Thursday, March 17, 2011

Thursday Evening Brain Dump

Rambling thoughts....
  • My knee hurts, but I'm going to pronounce the surgery a success. My energy has returned, I'm just a bit sore and I still have two stitches in me. Next Wednesday I'll see the ortho doc and move on to the next thing. 
  • While flat on my back last week, I learned how to let go. I've had a good work week; not without its challenges, but I got a mental shift that has helped me re-enter the tilt-a-whirl in a more healthy manner. It won't last, but I'm glad it's here for a while.
  • My husband is awesome.
  • My kids are terrific.
  • I threw fish sticks and tater tots in the oven for dinner. Syd and David complained. David wanted steak. Daniel said, "I LIKE fish sticks!" Tony texted me afterwards and said, "That was a gr8 dinner."
  • When I was a kid, fish sticks were a luxury. There were three meals that felt luxurious: fish sticks, salmon patties and spaghetti. All these things were not on my dad's list of Good Things To Eat, so Mom cooked them for Eric and I only when Dad was out of town. I missed dad, but I loved fish sticks, salmon patties and spaghetti. Still do.
  • The cable is out. Comcast is sending someone tomorrow. Woo hoo.
  • I got a subscription to Martha Stewart Living. Don't be hating. One day, I want to do all that stuff.
  • (All that stuff meaning, clean, decorate, re-decorate, make crafty table decor and cook unique, unusual food.)
  • While in recovery last week, I had two very distinctive dreams. One in which I was nursing a baby on the couch, another in which I was actually in the process of giving birth. Weird.
  • No, I'm not pregnant. I know because they ran a test before they scoped my knee. Why? Not sure. Took me by surprise when the nurse said, "Oh, by the're not pregnant." Duh. I didn't know that was part of the knee surgery territory.
  • I downloaded the Kindle app for my Mac so that I could impulse-buy a book. Granted, it's one I HAD to read for work, but it was enough motivation to cause some action. It's extremely cool.
  • I called the Apple Store to ask about iPads. They answered the phone like this: "HELLO -THANKYOUFORCALLINGTHEAPPLESTORE WHERE WE CURRENTLY HAVE NO IPADS INSTOCK". Interesting. I found out that if I show up at 7AM tomorrow and wait until they open at 9AM, I might be able to buy one. If they get any shipped to them. Which they won't know until 9AM.
  • I am somewhat seriously considering this course of action. Someone gave me a gift over the holidays and said it was for me to buy an iPad when the new version arrived. I kind of want one.
  • I have to admit that some part of my motivation is simply this: I want to carry an iPad around. And I think I'd better confess that I have a feeling I'd look awfully cool carrying an iPad around.
  • Maybe I'd better stay home tomorrow morning.
On another note - it's a weekend of music for us. Saturday evening we're hosting a worship concert. We'll be recording a live cd (available post-production) and offering our best music in a relaxed atmosphere. We are selling tickets for this event; it's a fundraiser for our building. Consider yourself invited - 7PM at PCC's Powhatan Campus. I - and my gimpy leg - will be there. It's worth the price of admission just to come in and see how long I'll be able to jump up and down without crutches...

That's all.


Tammy said...

GURL, I love fish sticks and spaghetti,I LOVE LOVE my iPad, and I love the kindle app on my iPad. You have to get one, it will be so useful in "ministry" ;~)
Been praying for your speedy recovery, love you!

Jeanine Guidry said...

Get the iPad. You will love it. And you will look cool, but you already do that. In other news: we need to catch up. I haven't been stalked in a while, nor have I done any stalking :).

Connie K. said...

Get the iPad. I hemmed and hawed about it for six weeks, took the plunge and never looked back. And now you can get the one with the cameras (oooohhh). So yeah, get it, but do yourself a favor if you can afford the extra for the 3G. Cause it's no fun wanting to go online with it when you are in the car or NOT in a Starbucks and cannot get on without WiFi.

They really are cool. And yes, the iPad has an invisible, secret "cool" app that makes its owner look cool.

Angie said...

moo goo gai pan at a chinese restaurant. italian subs. something called taco pie. these are the things my mom cooked when Danny was out of town. love them. oh yeah...when they got married, we stopped eating fish sticks and tater tots. My six-year-old self missed both of those foods.