Thursday, March 3, 2011

Ordination Service

Just realized that they taped Sunday's ordination service. It's online here.

Go on, take a look. You gotta push through the first seven minutes of waiting - but dial it in about 7:30 and check out the amazing band. For those of you who have known our family for a long time, you can hear Sarah, Shannon and Syd sing together on "Here I Am To Worship"; and you can imagine the swelling of my heart. Daniel played percussion throughout the entire service.

Proud mom.

And proud friend. Major props to Walter Felton for a killer guitar solo on "Brighter Day", to Patrick Parkins for bringing the jumping energy, to Todd for brilliant drumming, to Travis for being an exceptional musician. To Sarah, for being Sarah and using that incredible voice to worship God. And to Lindsay, for all that she is - beautiful woman, excellent musician, amazing vocalist and great leader.

I love this band. And I loved everything that happened Sunday night.

Hope you check it out and find yourself blessed.


Brandee Shafer said...

Very nice. I enjoyed watching. May God bless you as you continue on your journey...

hbontrager said...

So amazing, Beth. what a great defining moment.

Pilgrim Soul said...

As "The Uncle", am I allowed to be stupidly proud as well? They're so amazing!!!

Oh wait... AS "THE BROTHER" am I allowed to beam with pride as I witness the story of redemption, anointing, and empowerment that is YOUR life?