Monday, September 19, 2011

Nine Loves

Here's the latest prompt from my Eat, Write, Post, Bathe group.

Let me just say I love these people in this group. But that's not one of my responses to the prompt.

Here we go:

1. Mitchells Ice Cream. Honestly, I love ice cream. And I particularly love ice cream because my husband loves ice cream, even more than I do. And so we share this thing, which makes it even better. Mitchells is the best ice cream I have ever eaten. We have some intense debates about whether or not Blue Bell could take Mitchell's in a taste test, but because we can only get our hands on "the best ice cream in the country" by dining at Carrabbas (which sort of irritates me), I vote Mitchells. It makes me swoon. It is delicious. And I've had a few very special moments over a carton of Mitchells. And there was that time that Tony brought down about ten cartons of Mitchells on dry ice, because you can only get the stuff in Cleveland. How can you not love that?

2. The beach. Particularly Emerald Isle, North Carolina. It is steady, constant, consistent and the place where I have walked and walked and walked and asked questions - and received answers.

3. Jesus. It's not a religious thing, but an overwhelming appreciation for who he was, what he did, what he stood for and how he loved people. I do believe he was who he said he was, so there's all this savior/son of God aspect in that as well. But simply put, aside from religion and church and (for me) my job, I love Jesus.

(please note that these are not ranked in order of importance or preference. i do not love ice cream more than Jesus. this is a list, not in any particular order.)

4. My children, together. I love them individually; they are unique and wonderful people. I am often awestruck that I am their mother. But together, they create an incredible force. Like a comedy troupe with great timing, they react and play off of one another. There is a solid love and understanding amongst them that I hope will last throughout their lifetimes.

5. The Cleveland Plain Dealer; The Dallas Morning News; The Fort Worth Star Telegram; The Pittsburgh Press; The Richmond Times-Dispatch. One of my best memories is Sunday afternoons, post-church, when we'd come home to Mom cooking something for dinner, a Steelers game on tv and The Paper. I'd read and nap on the floor. To this day, I treasure getting the paper and finding an uninterrupted hour to read it. It doesn't always happen on Sunday, but the same principles apply on Monday. Or Tuesday.

6. Running. I do love it. I just don't do it much. I'm back on track and hoping to get back into a rhythm. And hoping my body will hold up.

7. Sleep. This seems sort of ridiculous, but there is a deep beauty in true rest. Sleep is underrated. I love waking up from a good sleep and realizing that I can stay a little longer. I love to sleep.

8. Beethoven. And Chopin. And Bach. Forgive me for lumping them together, but there is something so solid in returning to familiar notes and phrases that have endured the passing years and changing styles of music. I am challenged and comforted by the music of these composers. I go here, when I have time, and I play for me. I love that I can do this. (Thank you, Mom, for the lessons...)

9. My husband. Again, again and again. I love my husband.

(I also love The Jefferson Hotel, my brother Eric, my Uncle Dave and my car. I love my mother-in-law's piano and the comfy chair we bought from Ty & Co. I love Chic Fil A and Starbucks skinny vanilla lattes. I love pedicures. I love massages. I love cherry Jolly Ranchers. I love Tuesdays at my job.)

This is, by no means, an exhaustive list. But it's a start.

What are yours?


Lori said...

Great list Beth! I haven't had Mitchells. I am too hung up on Purely Decadent Coconut Milk ice cream, any flavor, I like vanilla, it's like eating whipped cream. Let me not go there. I never liked Blue Bell much, couldn't understand the fuss.
Beach, me too, for the same reasons
Sleep.... amen....

I know it's hard to hammer down things we love... I think about the little tiny things I love so much, finding a blue jay feather, sharks teeth, beach glass, heart shaped rocks.

Anyway, we love you guys too. :)

annie said...

What a great list!

spookyrach said...

This whole list made me smile.


Like that. ha! (I've never had Mitchell's. Clearly my life is incomplete.)

Cyn Huddleston said...

I used to read the paper like that and loved it from age 8 to 43 or 44. Then. The paper changed. It was not a great place to read any more. No gripping long series. I turned to the Internet and I am still an NPR junky.

Angie said...

The Brawley family gave the unborn Baby Tristan a Baby Bach c.d. He has listened to it going to sleep every night since he was about 2 months old. I'm sure it's contributed to his intelligence:)