Sunday, September 18, 2011

STORY In Chicago

We went to Chicago. It was a conference called STORY but really, it was an experience. It was unlike anything I've experienced in the Christian conference realm. Rather than a brain dump of good information from great communicators, STORY was two days worth of moments. Some funny, some intense, some comfortable, some stretching. Some tasty - can you say Twinkies served on a silver tray? Moon pies and Cokes in glass bottles - served on silver trays. Awesome swag, from hand-sewn shoulder bags to Brennan Manning books. Amazing stories. Authentic lives.

Good information from great communicators, but so much more than that, really. I can say this, off the top of my head, before I have time to go through all my notes:
1. If you ever have the opportunity to hear Esther Havens, Ed Dobson, Ann Voskamp or Ian Cron speak - DON'T EVEN THINK ABOUT IT. GO.
2. I met Chris Vacher, aka @chrisfromcanada, another friend I'd never met. He was as nice and generous with his time in person as he is in the blog world.
3. All Sons and Daughters. Worship music. Brilliant.
4. Kyle Cooper. Scared the crap out of me. Brilliant, talented, amazingly creative.

I really, really liked my two days in Chicago. I went with great people and had memorable experience. It changed me. That's a good thing.

The set; tree branches. Awesome lighting. Brilliant graphics.
This would be a good time to tell you that all photos are courtesy of Sarah Brawley's amazing eye and camera.
Good sammiches at Snarfs. We ran into a friend of Katie's who just happened to be working at THAT restaurant. Weird.
Great Chicago-style pizza at Gino's. And a VERY intense conversation...
Friends. Incredibly talented people. Love them both.
In the van. Oh, the van ride. 14 hours of glorious fun and bonding.
Me. For a moment, I felt like a movie star.
Us. These are some of the people who make the services happen at PCC. We are creative, and we are not ashamed.
Again, thanks to the talented and generous Sarah Brawley, whose photography skills are brilliant.

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annie said...

Love the photos! Love that you had a good time and got so much out of it!