Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Linky List And Dangerous Posts

I've got a writing prompt to do for Write, Eat, Post, Bathe. I've got so much churning in my head regarding plans for the next few months - lots of good stuff. No time for a coherent post. Too many things swirling; time for a list.

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  • I went to a training meeting tonight for small group facilitators who have signed up to be part of Dave Ramsey's Financial Peace University. Again, I am convinced: the next 90 days will be life-changing. It was a joy to sit next to people like Kelley Llewellyn and Randy Myers and Rachel Huff and consider just what is going to transpire in the weeks ahead. I'm facilitating a group on Monday nights, meeting at the church. You can sign up here; all are welcome, whether you are affiliated with PCC or not!
  • I read a very dangerous blog post today. I thought it was gutsy. What do you think?
  • I also read a very inspiring blog post today, one that made me think. Which the author most often always does. Still mulling over the challenges within.
  • I am getting an iPhone, God willing, on Friday morning. Yippee. 
  • I am being mindful of my food intake, and my clothes fit better. Yippee.
  • I am grateful for friends who speak their minds.
  • I am grateful for friends and coworkers who have gone out of their way to encouragement with words lately. My love languages are words and physical touch. I am feeling loved this week.
  • Finished Jesus, My Father, The CIA and Me by Ian Morgan Cron. Heard him speak at STORY in Chicago a few weeks ago and was profoundly moved by his words. His book is staggering in moments, subtle in others. Highly recommended. Find it here; read more about Cron here.
  • We have a building permit for our home addition. Happy days. Let the fun begin.

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