Sunday, October 9, 2011

Shut Up

I could not sing this morning.  Or last night.

Out of my inability came an opportunity for others to rise up, because we have Saturday and Sunday services to lead and it takes voices to do it.

Ironically, at around 1PM I felt something slip back into gear in my throat. Sounds crazy, but it's true. And I could sing.

It was as if I was forcibly silenced for a certain period of time, and then restored.

It was humbling. I don't claim to understand it, but there it is.

Do you think such things happen? Do you think God works like that? The Bible we read and follow offers countless stories of coincidental, miraculous occurrences. People were blinded, struck mute, afflicted and cured; all for some larger purpose.

I am pondering this tonight, humbled and wondering if I ever have a clue as to what's really going on. You know what I mean? All our striving and struggling to achieve and accomplish and get things done; and yet I wonder. What if the actual purposes are completely off our radar? What if all that we think we are doing is just chicken-scratching, compared to a larger, more complex Grand Design?



Brandee Shafer said...

I don't know that I believe there's a reason for everything. Even if there is, we're seeing through the veil darkly and can't understand the reasons, so how frustrating. I do believe God has a plan for our lives and that He sees things so much differently than we do, also that He uses our hurts to the good. I'm glad your voice is back. I'm also glad you're pondering the mystery of it it; I think we miss so much when we're not expecting and seeking out miracles and the very moving of God's mighty hand.

Brandee Shafer said...

sorry for the double "it" :)