Thursday, October 9, 2014

31 Songs: She's Life

Things are really busy around here, so I don't plan that this post will be wordy. Of course, I've said that before, and it never really works out...

But I think I'll leave you with this:

I have a brother.

He is profoundly talented.

Musically: He is an exceptional guitarist and vocalist; he can lead worship from a powerful place and play rock and roll like he was born that way. Because he was. Even though he needed me to teach him his first three chords on the guitar.

Brainwise: He is so stinking smart. He's on this whole other level, and his philosophical / ethical / theological wanderings give us a fascinating, insightful and educational rabbit trail of wisdom. (Read all about it here.)

Personal stuff: He's an excellent, loving father. He is half of one of the strongest, most real marriages I have ever seen. A good uncle to my kids, he is a very constant male presence in their lives. He's a good brother, too.

Writing stuff: Oh, he has a gift there. He can string together some awesome sentences. His sermons are killer. And his songwriting - his work with his band Maida Vale still and always will be some of my favorite of ALL songs. "Down In the Valley"  - about my grandparents and our hometown - makes me cry, even right now, this very minute, as I listen....

He's honest and authentic. He's not perfect.

He's my brother. I love him, and I'm proud of him, and he makes my life better. He makes this world a better place.

And he's just released a new song. So today, my post is about my brother and his gift for mixing his passion for the church and the Creator with the tangled mess of artistic yearning and his commitment to strive for excellence in his craft.

I would be honored, if you would read my words and listen to his song.

Go ahead. It's got a groove....


Pilgrim Soul said...

Are you SURE you taught the first three chords? I may need to hear that story ;)

Whoever this guy is, his sister WAY oversells him... don't forget that he's moody, and likes to sleep a bit too much.

much love

Lindsay Durrenberger said...


:D :D :D

Anonymous said...

I love my brothers. They are my champions. This song is crazy awesome! I love to know the story behind the lyrics.