Monday, October 8, 2007

Meme? Me?

I usually don't do the meme thing (and can anybody tell me what the word actually MEANS?), but Patti tagged me with one that seems manageable. I'm trying to get my brain to disengage and reinvent itself after four days of navigating the hospital bureaucracy in getting my dad through emergency eye surgery and back home. So, I'll play this little game that's all about me. Feel free to move on if you wish.

Four Jobs I’ve Held:
Piano bar girl. It made the rent and car payment while I finished college, and was a great way to practice jazz classics while people around me quaffed their free cocktails.
K-12 music teacher, private and public schools
Preschool director
Worship leader

Four Films I Could Watch Over and Over:
The World According to Garp
Pieces of April
(seriously, though, I don't watch many movies. I usually fall asleep in the middle.)

Four TV Shows I Watch:
Law and Order: SVU
Brothers and Sisters
(not watching as much this year, has more to do with when I'm actually home, sitting still, as with what I really would like to watch.)

Four Places I’ve Lived:
Franklin, Pennsylvania
La Romana, Dominican Republic
Grand Prairie, Texas
Chagrin Falls, Ohio

Four Favorite Foods:
grilled chicken salad
anything from Chipotle
scrambled eggs and bacon
homemade quesadillas with homemade pico de gallo

Four Websites I Visit Daily:
Dooce I love how Heather writes about her world and her family.
Don't Eat Alone Milton's blog was one of the first I ever stumbled upon, right after Real Live Preacher. His writing is, at times, like water for the thirsty. Ironically, I remembered his name from 20 years ago, when he worked with Billy Crockett, whose music I adored. I found it fascinating to come round and experience Milton's creativity again through his blog. Next, I want to eat at his restaurant.
A Church For Starving Artists A daily reminder - a well-written one at that - of all the reasons why God has yanked me out of my comfort zone to something beyond myself. I love this site.
Yahoo News

Four Favorite Colors:
(I'm an earth-tone kinda girl...lately...)

Four Places I Would Love to be Right Now:
On the beach at Emerald Isle
On the beach at Emerald Isle
On the beach at Emerald Isle
Cleveland (to watch the changing leaves herald the arrival of fall and feel a bit of cold air; it's 90 degrees here, on the 8th day of October. Go figure.)

Four Names I Love, But Could/Would Not Use for My Children:

Four Reasons Why I Need To Turn Off The Computer:
six loads of laundry yet to be washed; three awaiting folding
three dirty bathrooms
we're out of milk again
the stairs need to be vacuumed

That last bit, I added myself. Just because. Now I get to tag somebody else, I guess. How about anybody who feels like it? Consider yourself tagged!


Songbird said...

Okay, I love those names!

Patti said...

Hey, that was quick! Sorry about your ordeal with your dad. You are nicer to your parents than I am to my mom (sighs). Love your answers!

Willy said...

You are like Zick in that I HAVE NO IDEA HOW YOU HAVE THE TIME TO DO THE THINGS YOU DO! I just know I thoroughly enjoy reading about it all!