Monday, October 29, 2007

Ponder Life

Death is such a normal part of life. People die every day, and they are mourned. Grief runs its course.

This is coming home to me this week, as I attended my uncle's memorial service Thursday night, then traveled to Virginia Beach Sunday afternoon to play music at the funeral of my pastor's grandmother, and will play again this afternoon at a local funeral for the father of one of my friends at church. We also received word as we were setting up for church yesterday that the 40 year old sister of another friend from church died on the operating table during some basic surgical procedure. They travel to Florida for services today.

My 'normal' routine, as hectic and crazy as it is, has been interrupted.

Five days. Three funerals.

It will make you think.


Mary said...

You are right - it makes you think. Grace them with your presence and offering, Beth. This is what you do - very well.

annie said...

Yes, I imagine it would make you think. We never know when our time will come, do we?

That is a gorgeous photo in your header by the way.

Jayne said...

Indeed, life is fleeting. We're here one day and possibly gone the next. Another great reason to strive for authenticity and to remember to tell people you love them.

Rainbow dreams said...

it does make us think.. it should make us think too...but thats a lot of funerals in a short space of time...sending prayers and love and that you are granted some down time soon to relax and enjoy, Katie, x