Tuesday, September 16, 2008

"Holy Is Your Name..."

I just sent this email to our music team:

Very rarely a song will appear that moves my heart to the degree that leaves me speechless. As I sit here in the Powhatan library, planning upcoming services for the ‘Awaken’ series, I have been moved to tears – almost to the point that I lower myself to the floor to worship right here and now.

"Exalted (Yahweh)" by Chris Tomlin. I’m not even sure why; the song is simple.  Maybe that’s why. 

Spend ninety-nine cents at Amazon or iTunes and worship God. And start soaking up the song while you’re at it; we’ll be using it in the very near future…

When the drums come in and the vocals simply begin to declare, "Yahweh/holy is your name...", I just fall apart.  There is something of heaven in this mixture of melody and harmony and lyric.

Today I am thanking God for the gift of music to carry our hearts to Him.


altar ego said...

Hi Beth,

I'm a visitor from "Journey Through Grace," and a friend of Jayne's. I was scrolling through earlier blog entries and was intrigued by the "biscuits and leadership" heading. I read on and learned a bit about you, especially about your PC past! I'm a PC consultant right now and LOVE it. You are so right about the leadership part. I'm glad your experience was so positive, and that the gifts you received from that time of your life continue to serve you.

Blessings to you, from another PC lover.


mandy said...

I've gotta check this out!

Patty P said...

Of the sample I heard on amazon, this sounds like a promising tune. I can't wait to hear the whole thing!

Jackie said...

I purchased the cd but haven't had time to listen!! I will make sure I pay special attention to "Exalted (Yahweh)"
Love Chris Tomlin!!!