Saturday, September 13, 2008

What I Didn't Do...All Day...

What I didn't do today:

clean floors
wash dishes
pay bills
clean bathrooms
work out
get dressed
brush my teeth

Okay, eventually I brushed my teeth.  And I am dressed.  But the creative process ate up my entire day.  I woke up, rolled over, grabbed my laptop and went to work.

And it really felt good.  I need a day like this now and again.  The result of all that creativity isn't the most incredible thing in the world; it'll do, but that's not the point.  The point today was in the process.  I'm wired that way, and every now and then I just have to indulge.  It keeps me healthy.

Wondering what my other creative friends do to recharge their batteries...anybody want to chime in?


Small Glimpses said...

Sometimes I just spend HOURS writing in my journal. You're right, sometimes I just "have to indulge" or maybe need to induldge. :)

annie said...

Some days are like that I think. I have not been very productive the last few days, too much excitement due to a guy named Ike. I don't have to go back to work till Tuesday. I think I will try to take some me-time tomorrow and work on recharging. Being alone with my thoughts helps me recharge.

Patty P said...

Xbox live! There's nothing like the feeling of being defeated by a teenager in a video game and then going into the corner to right a somber musical ensemble. Nothing like it. Except, perhaps, just sitting in the corner writing a somber musical ensemble.

Anonymous said...

it was wonderful and powerful in real life!

vicki said...

sometimes I get those creative urges and write poetry or songs. When it happens it's like a flood of ideas and words and then it's gone. That means if I'm in bed I have to get up and start writing or I have to stop doing other things and write or it's gone before I can remember everything. It's so fun.