Monday, September 29, 2008

Sunday Setlist 9.28.08

I missed last week's Sunday setlist post - it was a terrific service, but since it's so late, I'll refrain from the blow-by-blow description. However, I will say that we used A Thousand Questions, a video from Willow Creek Arts that premiered at the 2008 Leadership Summit. It was an incredible piece that moved people to tears, and generated more response than any element we've utilized in the past several months. Check it out, particularly to highlight missions or the challenge of dealing with finding God in the midst of turmoil. Terrific service element!

Now, on to this week; we kicked off a new series called AWAKEN, which is our spiritual growth emphasis for 2008. Every fall we do a church-wide series that includes small groups, student groups and kids. This year we have chosen Live Wisely by Bill Hybels as the study guide - we are tackling the book of James in small groups and from the main stage. Yesterday was a great start to the series, with a powerful message centered on James 2-4. Here's how it went:

More Love, More Power- band jam. With some great players on stage yesterday, this piece was fun - though we had to abbreviate it because we were crunched for time. As an instrumental, this was a great tune to feature some solo work.
Video - Worship Objects - from Floodgate Productions via Sermonspice. Excellent piece to open worship. We killed the audio and played a live vamp in G underneath the video, to seque into -
Awesome is the Lord Most High - Chris Tomlin. Kevin sang the first verse slowly as a call to worship, and then the band popped in to kick things into high gear.
Let God Arise - more Chris Tomlin. It just worked. I LOVE this song.

We had thirty seconds of 'auctioneering' from a resident auctioneer, promoting next week's fundraising event for our building. Following that, a skit by and about one of our small groups to encourage folks to participate in a group for the series, all homegrown.

Following the rest of the welcoming comments and offering prayer, we did He Is Yahweh by Dean Salwyn.  Elijah and Robert are two amazing percussionists who came in to play after getting home at 1:00 a.m. from a band competition in Virginia Beach (where they won Grand Champion and swept first place in every division - just a few props to the PHS band and the PCC musicians who serve there!!!)

To set up the message, which talked about the focus necessary to persevere through trials, we shot two minutes of our pastor teaching, deliberately and uncomfortably out of focus.  He did the audio live, and we had our own bit of Brittany lip-synching on stage.  It worked!

We ended with Awaken by Natalie Grant, an amped up tune that challenged everyone to 'wake up'.

It was a great day!

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Patty P said...

Jesus is at work! If things go acording to plan, I will have some stuff to tell you next week that will make you proud.

Have you heard this tune?

Its brandon heath - give me your eyes. Very intresting lyrics.

Connie K. said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE this song.

I have a video in my head for this song that is much more than about an airport. I would love to make it a reality but don't know how...

i hope we do this one at church sometime soon.

and can't wait to hear your news. Jesus is indeed at work.

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