Tuesday, September 9, 2008

I Learn Something New Every Day

Make some new bloggy friends this week and found some great inspiration for music, service planning and just good ol' spiritual growth.  Check 'em out:

Jim Drake - doing church in Snyder, Texas, a town I waved at every time I drove from D/FW to Lubbock during my college years.  His music choices inspire me and he posts some great - sometimes hilarious - stuff.  Check out 'How To Worship'.

Gary Durbin - who is so cool he can video himself while driving and be completely coherent.  He's a worship leader and an artist who is recording some really good stuff.  He blogs here; check out his music here.

Ed Schief - I really, really like Ed's take on church and life and music.  He speaks from experience, and experience speaks volumes.  He also has some really weird dreams, and he's good about documenting them.


Jim Drake said...


Did you go to Tech?

My wife and I are Tech Ex's (Class of 86)

Thanks for the kuddos!

Jim Drake said...


I was music major too 82-83, then God showed me the business school.

Were you in Band, Choir or Orchestra---this world is too small

Ed Schief said...

Thanks for the kind words, Beth. In an effort to keep new material coming, I've taken to eating pork burritos and donut holes just before bedtime. Anything for the team.

Jim, I'm fascinated by these words: "...then God showed me the business school."

Like, were you 'caught up into the heavenlies', or something? I picture you practicing the piano in a little room in a building, when suddenly the walls fade away, an angel appears, and you're whisked away to see someone making actual money (unlike being a musician), and the rest of the day your face is glowing and people are asking you what happened, and all you can say is, "I'm going to make actual money", over and over.